Natural Product
Three Little Figs products are all-natural, non-GMO, sourced and made in Greece.


Rich in polyphenols, vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium and magnesium, they are a nutritious snack.


Fresh Ingredients
We use only fresh, non-GMO ingredients from Greece.

Made from Fresh Kalamata Figs

Unlike most commercial fig jams, Three Little Figs award-winning fig jam is made from fresh, not dried figs. We use only non-GMO Greek figs (PDO Kalamata). The figs are hand-picked to ensure the highest quality selection. Our curated jam recipe is slow-cooked to uphold the rich fig flavour. Add Three Little Figs, Fresh Fig Jam to your daily breakfast ritual, special brunch, or on your curated cheese and charcuterie boards.
fig salame
fig salame

NEW! Plant-based fig salamis

Six delicious flavours to choose from. Each flavour is crafted from the finest non-GMO Greek figs (PDO Kimi) selections. These delightful treats are plant-based, raw, all-natural, contain no added salt or sugar, and are preservative, dairy, and gluten-free. Nutritious and flavourful, they are the perfect guilt-free snack or a great accompaniment to your cheese or charcuterie platter. Add some to your favourite sandwich or flatbread pizza for an exceptional taste!
All Natural and Good for your Health
Three Little Figs is an innovative fig company! We produce unique, delicious, nutritious treats from all-natural, fresh Greek PDO figs.